Mom is always right.

“Waldemar, I can’t take these huge pills, I get a constant gag reflex. Isn’t there a simple solution that I can take every day with joy?

Such were the words of my mom after she had spent several frustrating weeks on pills and tablets. Despite a balanced diet, she had noticed all kinds of problems, including sleep problems and lower energy levels. As a result, she started pestering her friends for their remedies. The result was unattractive product packaging, which is always hidden in the kitchen cupboard, as well as choking sensations from too large pills.

The more I dealt with my mum’s questions, the more I was fascinated by the subject. I felt a passion that I had previously only known from my greatest love, basketball. Besides, I had similar aversions more than 13 years ago when I started with my first nutritional supplements. If it weren’t for the noticeable effects, I probably wouldn’t have made it through with all those pills and powders either.

So the journey began in search of ideal ingredients; dosage forms; comfort and aesthetics. Fortunately, I was able to convince 2 school friends to join me on the way.

Today and in the future you can enjoy the knowledge and achievements of numerous experts together with my mom without having to deal with them. For this I do not stand with my name, because it is simply not hip enough, but with my spectacular life.

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